Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

There are many ways to improve the health of your immune system. However, some might be too intense or not accessible to some people.

So in what other ways can you maintain the healthiness of your immune system?

Simple, by eating. Instead of going to a pharmacy buying medicines to be healthier, why not go organic?

Here are some of the foods that you can eat right now and improve your immune system’s health on the spot.


ginger and turmeric powde - Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

Ginger is already a traditional medicine used whenever someone gets sick. This is because it helps with reducing inflammation. It’s the best treatment for sore throat and other inflammatory illnesses.

Ginger is also known for its anti-nausea property. That’s not all. It is also noteworthy of being called as a painkiller.


broccoli vegetable food healthy - Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

As you already know, broccoli is packed with minerals and vitamins. Vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, fiber, and many more. All of this is contained in broccoli.

In fact, broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables there is. No way are we going to exclude this in our list.

Citrus fruits

lime lemons lime slices - Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

Vitamin C is often a necessity for people who have caught a cold. This is because this vitamin helps with improving the immune system. And what better source of vitamin C than citrus fruits.

Additionally, vitamin C is also helpful for increasing the production of white blood cells, which plays a major role in fighting infections.


turmeric spice curry seasoning - Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

Turmeric is a key ingredient in curries, but that’s not what we’ll talk about today. However, that might give you an idea of what turmeric is.

It is the bright yellow spice that is used as an anti-inflammatory for many illnesses.


chicken wing chicken wings buffalo  - Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

I’m sure you have tried chicken soup once when you were sick. It not only tastes good, but it helped you fight back the sickness, right?

That’s because poultry is actually high in vitamin B-6, a vitamin that plays an important role on our body such as formation of healthy red blood cells.


sea shell - Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

If we’re talking about poultry, then let’s not leave shellfish. Shellfish is also great for boosting your immune system.

Some types of shellfish are a rich source of zinc, which is needed for our immune cells to function properly. This include crabs, lobsters, oyster, and more.


papaya tropical fruit pawpaw ripe - Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

Another rich source of vitamin C is papaya. In fact, the amount of vitamin C in papaya far exceeds the daily recommended amount.

Another great quality of papaya is papain, a digestive enzyme that possess anti-inflammatory properties.

There are other nutrients contained in papaya such as folate and potassium.

Green tea

tea morning green yellow daffodils - Foods That You Should Eat to Get Rid of Diseases

Green tea is a rich source of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. Although this is a great feat already, there is more.

The real reason why green tea made it to this list is the powerful antioxidant contained in it, epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. This antioxidant is great at keeping a healthy immune system.

There are many benefits of eating organic foods, from improving overall health to fighting diseases. It’s up to you if you will take the challenge of eating them.

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Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

Many suggest that Missouri’s finest fruit is persimmon, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. Instead, we’re going to talk about the health benefits of persimmon.

Persimmon is also known as the “Divine Fruit”. Although there are many varieties of this fruit, one thing is certain, it is healthy.

There are many benefits of persimmon fruit. Here’s a look at eight of these benefits.

Immune System

immune - Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

Vitamin C is known for its ability to reinforce our immune system. Since persimmon is full of this vitamin, it is therefore a great way to fight off diseases. These include common cold, asthma, flue and other infections. There are more diseases that persimmon can combat, but we’ll talk about that later.

Regain Perfect Vision

eye vision - Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

Persimmon also contains significant amounts of vitamin A. Due to the potential of vitamin A to improving the vision, persimmon can be established as a food for regaining your once-perfect vision.

Weight Loss

belly body clothes diet female - Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

Persimmon can weight around 170 grams and only offers 30 grams of carbohydrates. In addition to that, this fruit has little to no fat in it. Add that to the health benefits and it’s the perfect fruit for weight loss enthusiasts out there.

Combat Cancer

pink ribbon  - Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

As previously said, this fruit can reinforce your immune system. It is also packed with antioxidants. This fact makes it great for restricting free radicals and minimizes the damage of cells. In turn, your chances of cancer will be drastically decreased.

Healthy Digesting

belly heart love girl relaxation - Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

It is an established fact that fibers are essential for good bowel movements. As it turns out, persimmon is a rich source of this compound. Thus, eating persimmon will help alleviate bowel movement related issues.


adult afternoon alone america  - Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

You probably already heard about it, but persimmon has a reputation of being a natural energizer. This is due to its high sugar content. However, make sure to turn it to juice first to maximize the energizing effects.

Sugar Levels

sugar sweets black background  - Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

Persimmon is known for its ability to regulate the sugar levels in the blood. This is great news for diabetics. Plus, this fruit is also rich in fibers, as previously mentioned. That means diabetics can curb their hunger levels with this fruit.

Good for Hypertension

blood pressure pressure gaug - Discover the Health Benefits of Persimmon

Hypertension is triggered due to the excessive intake of sodium in diets, but that won’t be the case for persimmon. This fruit is actually known for its low levels of sodium. Therefore, it is a great addition to the diet of people with hypertension.

There are many benefits of the persimmon fruit. No wonder why they call it the “Divine Fruit”, although that’s not exactly the reason. Either way, if you’re looking for a delicious but healthy snack, this is for you.

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